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Boat trailers are just as diverse as the boats themselves featured online. Therefore, you can find trailers in a variety of shapes, styles, and prices. So, you need to review some of the available features before you make a decision. Boat trailers are available in two basic designs, roller style and bunk style.

Whilst the bunk trailer is preferred for riveted aluminium type boats, because of its thin hulls, most boats can be supported on either trailer type. Your selection then will be based on how you load or unload your boat into or out of the water.

The Roller Trailer Design

As a result, your choice of a marina will help you decide between a bunk or roller trailer design. A roller trailer is usually preferred if the boat is loaded and unloaded into and out of shallow water. The trailer’s drive-on and drive-off design makes it unnecessary to back a far distance into the water.

The Bunk Trailer Design

By comparison, a bunk trailer’s float-on and float-off design makes this trailer type perfect for anyone who mostly loads and unloads boats into or out of deep water. Therefore, you need to back the trailer a good way into the water. Of the two styles, bunk trailers are usually lower-priced than roller trailers.

Combination Designs

Boat dealers also feature combination bunk-roller trailers, which highlight the best of both kinds of technologies. These combination models are typically the most expensive of all the trailers featured online. Once you decide on a style, you also need to review the types of materials used.

Aluminium and Steel Trailers

Boat trailers are available in aluminium and galvanised steel. Whilst galvanised steel is resistant to rust, it is not impervious to degradation. On the other hand, aluminium does not rust, but will show corrosion in the form of a fine white powder. Because aluminium is flexible, boat owners sometimes question its durability.

Which boat trailer you finally select then will be contingent on your personal likes and dislikes, and the price you want to pay. If you want to extend the life of your trailer, you should rinse it with fresh water each time after it has been used.

Trailer Accessories

Besides the boat trailers themselves, accessories are available for the trailers. Some of the items are considered necessities whilst others are classified as luxuries. One of the more essential accessories is a load guide, which helps when centring the boat on the trailer. The guides are particularly helpful in windy weather.

A Transom Saver

Another accessory to consider is a transom saver, which supports the boat’s engine by lessening the pressure. Like the load guide, buying a transom saver is highly advised.

Check on Brakes for the Trailer

Other accessories that make transporting your boat easier include a swing tongue, hitch swivel, and swivel jack. You also need to decide whether the trailer requires brakes. State laws are not all the same when it comes to this regard. In addition to checking with the dealer, consult the website for your state as well.

Make a Selection for a Trailer: Go Online and Review the Offerings

You can spend a good deal of money on a boat. Therefore, make sure you also choose the right trailer for it. Trailers are designed to for aluminium boats, fibreglass boats, inflatable boats, and personal watercraft, also known as PWC.

Bernadette Shidler

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