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When guests stay at your bed and breakfast or hotel, you will want them to give positive reviews on websites to lure others to rent accommodations from you. While you may think luxurious amenities and accessories are expensive, you don’t need to go broke to offer guests accommodations fit for the Queen. Here are some accoutrements for each room which can be very affordable.

Creating a Luxurious Bedroom

Unless your guest has reserved a suite, the first thing they will see when they enter their room is the bed. Since first impressions are very important, the bed, along with the rest of the room, should be inviting. The best way to create an inviting bedroom is to provide matching, seemingly high-end appointments throughout the room, but focus on the bed.

Most travellers are tired when they arrive to their accommodations, so you will want each room to have beds that invite guests to lay down and rest. This can be easily done by making sure that everything on the bed matches, and by making the bed with duvets, plump pillows, and high-thread count sheets instead of thin blankets and flat pillows. By setting up an account with a hotel supplier, you can generally get many of these items at a low cost.

Dressing the Bed

The duvets and pillows will not need to be changed as often as the sheets, so you should purchase enough for each room and have a few left over in case they need to be replaced in a room. Also, purchase pillow and mattress protectors, along with duvet covers, so they can be changed in case a guest spills on them. These protectors will also help the bed linens last longer, as they will be protected from stains.

Plump duck feather or microfibre pillows can be bought for less than £8.00 each from most hotel suppliers, and duvets range from £12 to £60 each, depending on the material they are made from. Mattress, pillow and duvet protectors are much less expensive, ranging from £4 to £12 depending on the type of protector you are buying. However, they are worth the additional cost, as they will help prevent damage, making the pillows, duvets, and mattresses last longer.

Select high-thread count sheets and pillowcases which feel soft when guests lay down to go to sleep. Cotton bedding is always a good choice because it is breathable and soft, which will make for a relaxing night’s sleep for guests. However, instead of purchasing sheets sets, you should hire a linen service, because you will need to change the bedding every day. By using a linen service the sheets and pillowcases will always look new and fresh. In addition, hiring linens costs much less than purchasing such items.

Splurge on Furniture

If luxurious accommodations are your goal, then don’t be stingy with your furniture budget. Although you don’t want to spread all your operating capital on furniture, you should purchase good quality bed frames, chests of drawers, bed tables, and other furniture pieces for the rooms. There are furniture companies which offer commercial lines for hotels, inns, and bed and breakfasts, but you should shop carefully to get the best furniture at the best price.

Before shopping, decide on a style and overall theme for your business, and select the furniture based on that style. So, if you want an ultra-modern look, you should select furniture that has clean lines and is painted in neutral colours like white, black, or grey instead of in wood tones. However, if you have a small business in a rural tourist area, then you may want furniture which gives your guests a feeling of home, so wood tones may be used throughout the rooms.

Bathroom Accessories

The bathroom is another area in which you want to provide guests with luxurious accessories so that they feel pampered. The linen service you hire to supply your bedding can also supply towels and bathrobes for each bathroom. When selecting the towels, thick, fluffy cotton towels will give your guests a feeling of being spoiled, as will a nice fluffy robe.

A linen service will usually have several options for towels from which you can choose. Not only will they offer towels for bathrooms, but they will have towels for other areas of a hotel, like the spa or pool areas, if you have such amenities. By hiring a linen service to supply towels and bathrobes, you will be guaranteed that the linens will always be clean and appear brand new.

Bathroom Supplies

There will be other accessories used in the bathroom that you will need to stock up on because they will not only be used, but will also be taken by the guests when they leave. Good quality toiletries such as soaps, shampoos, and conditioners can be purchased from industry suppliers, or you may be able to make arrangements directly with some makers of these products. In addition, you can usually buy slippers in large quantities for very reasonable prices.

Personal items like loofahs or bath brushes can be supplied for guests to project a luxuriousness that most hotels do not offer. Since these items will be used by most guests, be sure to find a supplier who can offer them in large quantities at low costs, as they will need to be restocked after guests check out of their room or suite. Small touches like slippers or loofahs can help project the feeling of luxury without taking a huge bite out of your budget.

Restaurant Linens

The dining room is another area on which you should focus when you want guests to know that they are staying at a high-end accommodation. Stalbridge Linen can supply crisp white tablecloths, napkins, aprons, and chef’s coats to create a beautiful, well-appointed dining room. They can pick up and resupply your hotel’s linens each week or multiple times during the week, depending on your business demands.

Giving your guests a luxurious experience at your hotel or bed and breakfast doesn’t need to be expensive if you shop carefully, hire a good linen service, and buy from industry suppliers.

Bernadette Shidler

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