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Great Finds When You are in Japan

Jul 27, 2017

Whenever Japan pops into a conversation, people would begin to talk about the beauty of cherry blossoms, its amazing transportation system, and their advancement in terms of technology and economy. Aside from that, their culture, history, and different hallmarks also get to be mentioned. But, what people usually forget to take note of is Japan’s knack for producing weirdly cool Japanese products and gadgets.

If ever you are going to Japan anytime soon, you might want to check out these extremely curious and surprisingly helpful products. Here you go!

Anywhere in the world, you probably have tasted or at least seen a KitKat chocolate. But only Japan will you see a different flavored KitKat! Most of them are a bit unusual or weird from our taste but they are actually good… or some of them are. Some examples of flavors are sake, rum raisin, and cheesecake but the most popular are green tea and sakura green tea flavor. If you are feeling adventurous, don’t miss out the chance to get a taste of these KitKats!

Japan is not short of products that can be given as a souvenir. One possible item of interest is an omamori. It is really quite popular among students especially those who believed in Shintoism. So, what is an omamori? It is basically a charm that can bring good luck to the beholder. You can usually find these in different temples. Most people hung these in their bags, making it a staple part of their lives. It is definitely a nice keepsake from Japan. You may also give bring home some for your friends or family.

It cannot be denied that Japan is one of the best if not the most excellent producers of video games in the entire world. They made different games that has been replicated or have been adapted in the US for wider audience consumption. But, there are still some games that’s only been released in Japan, making them super rare and pricey. One of these is the Nintendo blockbuster, Pokemon Green, that was only released in Japan. Other newer games include the Tingle’s Balloon Fight, which is a Zelda spinoff, intended for the Nintendo DS. But you must also take into consideration the system that you will be using. If you bought it outside of Japan, chances are it might not work.

Japan is the home of the anime, a kind of animation that is uniquely Japanese-style. So, it’s no surprise that it would be full of different anime merchandise. One of the best places to find anime goods is Tokyo Character Street. It features more than 20 stores that sell exclusive merchandise such as Hello Kitty and Snoopy. It also offers certain manga and anime-related products that are only available for a specific period.

Other items that you should take note of are the Japanese beauty products like face sheet masks, lipsticks, eyebrow tints, and so much more.

Japan has more to offer so don’t be afraid to explore and look around.

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