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Exploring the Hawaiian Islands is almost a dream come true. Thousands of people visit the islands in Hawaii every year. If you’re thinking to take your family to a beach destination, you can choose Hawaii. This is a great place where you can also bring your dog for a wonderful vacation.

Located at the center of North Pacific, Hawaiian Islands demarcate the North East side of the Polynesia. This is one of the largest islands in the Pacific Ring of Fire-the volcanic archipelago. The spectacular natural beauty is the greatest treasure that this destination has.

Hiking at the Diamond Head can offer a magnificent view of 360 degree, which is the greatest gift that this island can offer the visitors –heavenly natural beauty. Make sure you have all the gears such as traveler rolling backpack carrier as the dog needs it during hiking. Besides the marine drives are places of fun and excitement. The submarine dive at the Hanuama Bay offers underwater explorations. This is also the surfers’ paradise and those who wish for snorkel in the clear water of the Pacific.

Now let’s explore some of the isles in brief:

  • Oahu: This is one of the finest destinations in the Hawaiian Islands that offer fun, frolic and entertainment.  This place has gained its popularity because of the Waikiki Beach and Honolulu-the state capital. A plethora of cuisine and handicrafts at Oahu defines the rich Polynesian culture here. These attract the travelers the most. Oahu offers attractions like Sea Life Park, Cultural Center, Polynesian Culture and Pearl Harbor. This place has historic significance as well for the famous Pearl Harbor.
  • Maui: Driving down the famous road towards Hana can offer people the best of natural beauty, when they are reaching Maui. Different ocean water activities, diving, snorkeling and watching the humpback whales are the most activities at Maui Beach. This destination is famous beaches, resorts as well as activities. The family and the dog can have a good time here in the plush resorts. Make sure about the pet-friendly features before booking the accommodation.

  • Kauai: This place offers unspoiled natural treasures, miles of immaculate sandy beaches, beautiful flowers and crystal turquoise water by the white extended sandy beaches. The Emerald Cliffs are located here that is also known as the “Grand Canyon of Pacific”.

These are some of the hot picks to visit at Hawaiian Islands. Explore the best of seafood and cognacs in these places. Nightlife at Hawaii is also splendid where you can also bring the dog.


Bernadette Shidler

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