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Tubi 60 is definitely one of its kinds. We can say it’s an all-season drink. Be it summers or winters, this enigmatic hang-over free drink simply drive make you fall in love with the flavour. Though there are innumerable alcohol brands available in the market, they simply cannot be compared to it.

Made of Natural Ingredient

A lot has been speculated among media on what is Tubi 60 all about? What are its principal ingredient that makes it different from any other drink? To put an end to your speculative mind, let me tell you, its unmatched taste is a blend of 40% alcohol along with Natural ingredients such as citrus and ginger giving it a clean, tart, fresh flavour. It is solely your personal choice if you want to have it with ice or add fruits and bubbles to it. It is 100% natural drink carefully distilled so that you hardly experience hangover the next morning.

The drink during summers

Summer involves sweating and laid back life. To keep yourself active and fit, you need to have loads of fluid consumption. Fruits are undoubtedly the best source of energy. So, when mix your favourite drink with fruity flavour, you will surely not look for anything else beyond Tubi 60 after a long hard working day.

A Crowd Puller

If you announce a summer party with Tubi 60 all around, you don’t have to bother about crowd. A delicious flavour of Tubi 60 will keep them energetic all night long.

Awesome Taste

Its unique flavour packed with refreshing aromas makes it unparalleled in the market. Its first taste offers a fresh flash of flavours that enhances with every sip. The citrus elements added in it has balanced the masterful blend of herbs and natural spices backed by sweet smell of alcohol encourage to have more.

This exquisite Tubi 60 drink ideally should be taken with fruits. It doesn’t blend so well with any sort of cocktails or mock tails. Tubi drinkers who has tried this alternative have reiterated that when mixed with other drink like Rum, whiskey, it doesn’t taste that great.

Refreshing and uplifting, this exotic drink can simply be termed as ‘Sheer Happiness’. Since the time it has evolved in the year 2012, it has become a known name among people in bars, clubs, and dance events. For more information please visit the site

Bernadette Shidler

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